Punishment Films is now live

Good news for all you Spank Fans out there on a tight budget.  A new site has just opened today which has an unbelievably low monthly membership price and there are no nasty catches like some of the other low priced sites out there.  You get top quality full films with great girls taking real hard punishments.  The site updates with five full films a month and you get all this for just over £13.00 per month.  I wondered how this could be possible so I asked the guys who were running it just how they could do this.  Their answer was quite simple.  They got in touch with some of the UKs Top Spanking Site Producers and asked them what they did with the films that were no longer available on their sites.  If you think about it, spanking sites that update on a regular basis must have to remove older content to make room for the new.  So, what happens to it?  Not very much it seems.   Until now.  The WebMaster at Punishment films has done a deal and now has the exclusive rights to use this fantastic material which was no longer available to view on the net.  I have had a look around the site and must confess, I am  very pleased at what I can see.  I had forgotten some of the lovely girls who have over the years bent over the knee or taken a good hard caning and it is also nice to see how some of the girls still on the scene have changed.  The site has a good mixture of ladies, of all ages and has some rather hard punishment films.  But do not take my word for it.  Go along to Punishment Films and take a look.

Punishment Films

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