Ehhhh who’s spanking who doc?

This comes under the ‘do you believe it’ section’ A mother-of-two is suing the Disney Channel after she claims a warm-up comedian spanked and kissed her during a live taping of family comedy show ‘Good Luck Charlie’. Kellie Rodriguez says she was with her children, sister-in-law and three nieces in the studio audience on December 22 when comedian Ron Pearson plucked her from the crowd to dance to the Village People’s YMCA.

According to court documents, Pearson then approached Ms Rodriguez during the group number and ‘started spanking her buttocks with his hands’ – Ms Rodriguez says she felt humiliated in front of her family.

In L.A. County Superior Court  Ms Rodriguez claims she noticed the comedian eyeing her before the audience participation segment.  She was then selected to compete for a prize with others in the crowd by doing a ‘silly dance’ to the 80s song. While she was dancing, she claims, ‘all of a sudden and without warning’ Pearson began repeatedly spanking her. Ms Rodriguez did not win the contest.

She says  ‘The unwarranted and unconsented spanking was relentless and did not cease until I physically turned around to stop it.’ She alleges that during a later segment Pearson asked for a kiss on the cheek and she obliged – but he turned his head at the last second and kissed her mouth instead.

She said the incident confused her children who later asked her ‘Why did that man kiss you?’ Ms Rodriguez claims Disney ‘condoned, encouraged or ratified’ Pearson’s behavior by employing him. She is demanding unspecified damages. Neither Disney nor Pearson have issued comment on the claims. 

However, Pearson, on his website, markets himself as a ‘clean comedian’ who ‘can take his act from comedy clubs to Christian comedy or family events. Seems one hell of a way to get to spank a bottom, stick to the usual guys!

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