Something not very nice!

Oh dear something not very nice is happening out there in spanking land and I really don’t know if I should be happy or mad about it. The story started when a friend of mine who I know gets a lot of spanking material from pirate sites tells me that he has been ripped off.

Now he has always denied visiting these dodgy sites but I have always known the truth, but it was one of those things, he is a friend and as long as his activities did not affect me why should I care. Anyway, he came to see me this week and said that his credit card had been cloned or ripped off and that from the activity on his card it looked as though his details were all over the net. As I am a web designer and know my way around the net he thought that maybe I could help him find out what was happening. We did a few basic searches and he showed me the communications he had had with his bank and it soon became obvious where he had been got at.

He uses one of the well known pirate forums to find new material he may be interested in and took out a premium membership on a hosting site where he paid for this premium membership with his Visa card. We did a search on this hosting company and after following lots of dead ends we ascertained that this site was hosted in Russia. Hmm long way to go to get your money back.

Anyway, I have to admit to not having a great deal of sympathy with him, he knows I strongly disapprove of pirate web sites and the scum bags who operate them but I did not think he would be so daft as to entrust his credit card details to a bunch of criminals. Just goes to show. Anyway, the story does not end there, he spoke to other people who use these pirate sites and found he was not alone in being ripped off. It seems that not only are these guys ripping off legitimate spanking producers but they then rip off the idiots who download the material from their servers. It is well known that they download mal ware at the same time as they download the stolen films but to actually rip off credit cards seems to be a new thing, natural progression maybe. I pointed out to him that the money he paid for this premium membership was in fact the same as he would have paid to join the average web site.

The lesson is clear, don’t entrust your credit card details to people who have already proven they are thieves. You know it makes sense!

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