Important information for all lovers of fetish films

We hear that ATVOD have now ordered Pandora Blake to close her excellent web site Dreams Of Spanking. It had to happen, these are people who do not see things from the same perspective as us, by that I mean everyone outside their little bubble.

This country is currently going through a very insidious and clandestine cleansing of what this right wing government considers to be dangerous people, that would appear to be anyone who like to participate in or watch fetish films which feature spanking, bondage and many other of your favourite pastimes. We will not go into the politics behind it now there are plenty of excellent articles we pointed to in earlier posts. Pandora has chosen to take the fight to the modern equivalent of the burners of books and she is assisted in this by Backlash   they could do with your support and donations to a fighting fund, remember ATVOD are already using your money to persecute the producers of fetish sex films and either they or some other QANGO may soon be looking at other areas of your freedom.

There is a link below to a most excellent video produced by Hywel Phillips  it does help you to understand the ridiculous situation that adult film producers find themselves in. Be sure to watch it and share it. Every little helps, as they say


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