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News from Emma Bishop is always welcome and now she has her new Blog up and running. Take a look at it at Emma’s Blog   We noticed also some changes on her web site. It’s always nice to see a real life spankee running her own sites and making such a great job of it. I know that our webmaster would love to give Emma some ‘fatherly’ advice about all things technical but I think that involves her lying over his knees. Have a read of Emma’s Blog, some interesting insights.
Emma is now also producing her own movies and maybe will be selling them on DVD as well as on download, we wish you luck and hope you can keep them out of the hands of the pirates who seem to mop up new DVDs. There are some free previews of the videos on the site so take a look folks; we would love to review them if we get sent a copy. Said Emma ” You can see my latest video clips in Sam Johnson’s website  ‘Sir Angus Interviews Emma 3’ – A small picture link appears today but the site is updated regularly so this image will be changed soon.
In this story I play a secretary having a job interview. Sir Angus has a novel selection process that sees me having to change and dress to please. So keen to get this job my bottom is on the line and I end up sorry, sore but hopeful I pleased him and got the job”!
Jane Burgess

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  • PS….I have just updated the preview clip for my new video “The Writing’s on the Wall” in my website Movies Page just for Spanking News Readers, to show some a lot more footage from the Headmaster’s study. Hope you like it, and keep up the good work 🙂


  • oooh thanks Jane. I will look out for your Webmaster’s “fatherly advice”, but like many ‘masters’ they are great at the theory and pants at the practical!
    Thanks for spotting my new video. I have actually been producing my own movies since 2006, but was working with a well known scene photographer then, and am hooking up with him again at the end of this month when I face the School Governors again in another painful trial by camera. Oh, and thanks for mentioning my work with Sam Johnson, the videos and photos I did with her are now in her fantastic website’s Members Area. Keep up the great roving reporting too cos I was beginning to think I was getting spanked for nothing … as I always am, its soooo not fair like that!!

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