A day with Red Stripe Films

Sandra gets the cane at redstripe filmsWe had a great morning in a caravan parked in the middle of the countryside. What was going on and why were we there? Easy, we had an invite from Red Stripe Films to watch them shooting a part of a series for their new site. The site is run by Sandy a most attractive lady with one of the most spankable bottoms we have seen in a while, and it was she who was getting the spanking.
As she explained “Red Stripe Films is not only about spSandy gets the caneanking but also the sexier side of spanking, this was my idea as I wanted to let guys see how I as a woman wanted a spanking web site to look, it’s not just about the pain but also about the pleasure. All the story lines are around themes that allow for some degree of sexual activity, it might just be sexy touching and playing but can go right through to some good hard sex, and why not? I didn’t have a lot of money to get the site going but thanks to some good friends in the spanking scene I have been given some film sequences to help me get things moving. I hope to have my own first film up next week and have now started to film more for future updates”.
We watched as Sandy started filming, she was the owner of a caravan who had failed to pay the rent for her place on the site, when the guy called for the rent she tried to seduce him, it would have worked on me I can tell you, but he was made of sterner stuff and made her take a damn good hard spanking, Her bottom was a very dark shade of red by the time he had finished with her. Sandy did admit to getting turned on during the spanking and I think that if she can continue to find the right type of model, girls who do not mind some sexier stuff along with their spanking, she should do very well with the site. We look forward to watching it develop.

Rick Jarvis

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