That fun spanking session

One of the very best scene players and most respected of models is the lovely Pandora Blake. We have just been in the edit suite with English Spankers as they are sorting and editing the mass of material they shot with Pandora and Leia-Anne Woods during a long hard week in a deserted country cottage. This reporter was especially struck by the lively and fun two girl spanking scene with Pandora and Leia-Ann, what a change from the very serious stuff they are editing now of Pandora and Mr. Cameron.
We are firmly convinced that the spanking scene is getting wider and attracting more people than ever before, witness the arrival of what we think is the first all British sex and spanking site Red Stripe Films. Although this is a new site it has really caught on with those who are serious spankers, they certainly don’t stint on the spanking action and those who like to have the spanking spiced with some sex won’t be disappointed. It was for this reason that we like the fun but efficient spanking of Pandora and Leia-Ann in their school uniforms. Spanking should be fun when you want it to be, maybe some of us get a bit tied down, excuse the pun, inside that little world that says spanking is spanking and that’s all there is. I have it on very good authority that Pandora can expect some form of retribution for her comments, yes we know she loved the session and she is just having her bit of fun…Can’t wait to see the next part of the series, now in editing, featuring the more serious side of Pandora. We at Spanking News love you girls, you represent what is good and fresh and much needed in the whole spanking and sex scene. Stop being so English folks. Enjoy spanking and enjoy sex enjoy sexy spanking. We have some great pictures here thanks to ES
Nicolas Greengrass
Nicolas Greengrass is a respected industry biographer and will  be writing for us on the spanking scene and the sex business in general.

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