The perfect mistress

Lorena school mistressI have to say that in my day school mistresses certainly did not look remotely like this and I am damn sure they would not have taken their clothes off for the camera. There is absolutely no story attached to this picture we just like it and have to thank Red Stripe Films for it. Seems the mistress is a part of their next update, this site seems to be getting ever more popular.
With the current crop of large spanking site producers all turning out pretty much the same sort of thing we think it is a brave thing to start out a new web site, especially when you go to the very edges of what is already a fringe subject. The object at Red Stripe is to mix sex and spanking, it will be interesting to see how many of the current spanking models around are prepared to go that far, it will be great to see some of them going that far! Let’s hear your views maybe you don’t like this or perhaps you think it’s about time there was the option for those who want it to see sex and spanking stories mixed.
Fiona – Editor

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