Max Mosely Wins – but what now?

Max Mosely has won his case against that abominable newspaper the News of the World. A very good précis of the 57 page judgement by Mr Justice Eady can be found here on the Spanking Writers blog.

I am aghast that, despite this judgement, that the BBC and press are still referring to the girls as prostitutes when sex was NOT a service they offered!

Fetish escorts, spankees, masochists and sadists may cover the description but not prostitute with the nasty associations of paid sex that implies.

It seems that Max Mosely will now become ‘bulletproof’ against further press intrusion but I am concerned that, whilst this multi-millionaire is £60,000 the richer, that Paul and Lucy of Northern Spanking are left high and dry and facing an uncertain financial future by the malicious and inaccurate gutter press reporting in the Scottish papers that outed Paul. It would help if all those that can afford it bought a subscription to their site to help them out at this uncertain time.

As one that knows Paul and Lucy, and also at least one of the girls involved, I am glad that Mosely has won and that his stand was vindicated. It hopefully will help protect the rest of us.

I have offered what little help I can to Paul and Lucy, and also the girl I know that was affected, and I hope others in the spanking industry will do likewise.

If we in the spanking fraternity cannot rally round and help then it reflects badly on us all because they are casualties in a battle fought, and fortunately won today, on behalf of all of us spankos.

My only other wish is that Woman-E and her ex-MI5 husband rot in hell for their treachery to those they called ‘friends’ and used so terribly to get their 15 pieces of silver (they would have got 30 but the NOTW are as treacherous as themselves and only paid them half!).

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2 comments to Max Mosely Wins – but what now?

  • I should make myself clear here. I am not saying I have anything against women asking payment for sex. I was only reiterating the perceived interpretation that the press deliberately associate paying for sex with something nasty. It is not my opinion at all.

    In my opinion that what a lady does with her body is totally her affair. If she wants money for sex than that is her choice. All men pay for sex at some time, we buy a lady dinner, flowers, jewellery, take her on holiday ….. and even marry in the hope that we will able to have sex with her.

    In some ways prostitution is very much more honest in that respect … at least you are guaranteed to have sex for your outlay which can be far less expensive and more certain than some of the options above!

    What I do see as wrong with paying for sex is if the lady is forced to hand over that money to a pimp or drug dealer for the pimps gain. My opinion is hammer the pimps and leave the girls alone!

    Is that clearer?

  • What’s nasty about paying for sex?

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