Election, spank them all

With everyone now fully consumed by the forthcoming elections in the UK we are full up to the tops of our heads by the lies and the prevarication from those we can very  loosely call our leaders. Are they ever going to learn to answer questions with a yes or a no? No they are not, they dare not because this would expose the shallow margin between all the main parties and the certainty that whoever wins it will be the very poor and week who will suffer the most. If you vote for one you might get the other but you won’t really know.

I thought our economy was still in a bit of a mess with starving people going to food banks, kids leaving school not qualified to do anything and old people left to rot in their home for the lack of social services but then I realised this must be all nonsense because the Conservative party are once again concentrating their formidable spin machine on the availability of online porn. Call me an old cynic but I recon this is just to distract a certain section of the population from the real issues. Do these people really think that by clamping down on what is available on the internet, that bit of it supplied from the UK anyway,  they are only helping the unscrupulous purveyors of the real nasty stuff to come out from the dark side and into the main stream. No, this is not really about porn, it’s not really about protecting kids, what’s happened to good old fashioned parenting? No it’s that famous British smoke screen, obfuscate and bewilder those two servants of our government, we know them well.

It’s up to you how you vote and so it should be but  do try to look past the bullshit they are spreading on the streets, don’t get bogged down in it. After 5 years of this government we still have poverty in one of the richest nations on earth. After 5 years of the next government, whatever its colour we will still have poverty on our streets. So I just hope that instead of watching porn on the internet our kids are out there telling these be suited public school boys that they have seen enough, they want change and they want it now.

Oh I know what you are going to say, this is not about spanking and it is supposed to be the Spanking News. Well it is about spanking because if they get their way you soon won’t be able to see any and the next thing will be that you won’t be able to do it. So, there’s the bit about spanking, now give these nasty people a spanking.

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