A Sad Day For UK Porn Freedom

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I must confess to feeling a little bit sick. It seems that the Conservatives will be in charge of the UK for another 5 long years. I actually can’t believe that it has happened. All I do know is that any British UK Porn Producer should seriously consider getting their companies out of the reach of ATVOD. Let us recap. it is NOT illegal to watch Spanking and other types of porn in the UK, it is NOT illegal to participate in it, it is NOT even illegal to film it but it is now illegal to produce it. Why? Well, because without argument or debate a new law was passed in December. We are told this is to protect our children. Quite frankly I would prefer our children were protected by allowing people like myself to run our own business and provide for them.

We saw this law coming and we began to move our company out of the UK many years ago but it was still a shock when we had to actually move ourselves to avoid prosecution. We now have official Spanish residency, our money is paid into our Spanish bank account and until our daughter has finished her education we have to go back and forth between the two countries. This is not viable on a long term basis but what else can we do? We love making spanking films and have been doing so for many years. Can you imagine us turning up at the Job centre? To say I feel bitter is an understatement and I know that this is a feeling shared by many of my fellow producers who have had to act to protect their businesses in the same way.

What of those who decided to stay and fight? Pandora Blake has given her voice in protesting this unfair and possibly illegal law. Her prize? Her site, which is her baby is now under investigation by ATVOD. I cannot even begin to imagine how she feels. You can read more about her plight at her Dreams of Spanking Blog . My heart goes out to her especially as it seems that not only are ATVOD intent on ruining her business which I imagine she has poured blood, sweat and tears into as well as a huge amount of money but that there is a possibility that they will ‘out’ her. None of us are ashamed of what we do but we all have family, neighbours, friends and in some cases employers, our lives could and can be irrepealably damaged. Pandora is going to fight but even if she wins her real name will be in the public domain and the reverberation from that could be endless.

I wasn’t brave enough to stay and in some ways I feel ashamed but I have children who have to come first. The thought of my teenage daughter being taunted at school because her Mother ‘hits people for a living’ is almost intolerable. She is my main priority. I should not be wishing her childhood away but I am. The older she gets the better adjusted she will be and the less effected by decisions I made about how I wished to conduct my life. We are safe for now but I am under no illusion that ATVOD and a Tory Government are intent on banning online porn from being viewed in the UK. Will they succeed? I certainly hope not but it will take brave people like Pandora Blake who are willing to stand up and fight.

What can you do to help? You can donate to Backlash You can show Pandora Blake your support by joining Dreams of Spanking whilst you are still able and if you are really brave you can write to your MP and let him know your views.

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