A Happy Spanking New Year from Spanking News

Happy New Year to all our readers.  We at Spanking News are waiting with baited breath to see what changes 2011 will bring to those involved in the Spanking Industry.  In the UK and in most other parts of the world, times are hard and this does not seem set to change anytime soon.   People are having to think much harder about how they spend their money and if they can justify the expense of a Spanking website.  Especially as there is so much free content available on the world wide web.  Piracy is on the rise and as this is a supposedly ‘faceless crime’  many people feel that there is no harm in doing it.

I do not share this view and would urge you to think twice before involving yourself in it.  Apart from the quality of your download being of far inferior quality then that of the original – Illegally downloading this material may result in no new spanking films being made.  Just think for one moment how much each production costs.  There is a location fee, a camera crew, the models fee, travel, production costs and edit, advetisement.  I am sure that I have no doubt only skimmed the surface of these costs.   The solid truth here is this.  If the Spanking webite producers are unable to make money from their films, they will cease to make them!  Then everybody will lose. 

Some Spanking websites have already shut up shop, others have been less then ethical, changed their names and left models and affliates without promised payment but could this have been avoided had the pirates not been able to steal their material?  Who knows?  All I know that without profit, these companies will be unable to produce new material.  So, yes, times are hard, but if you love spanking, support your favourite sites

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