Why do glamour models take part in spanking films

Porn model spankedWell why do they want to feature in spanking films? I have been on a number of shoots now where the girls are all first timers, when asked what they do for a day job they tell me they are glamour models or in one case a fashion only model. Spanking films and the taking part in is something way outside their usual activity. Most say on first being asked that they do it for the money, I do not altogether believe that as they will usually add “and I like being spanked”.

It seems that spanking between couples is now the thing to do, I am all in favour of that. It used to be known as the perversion of a certain class of gentleman who, after being spanked and caned at his public school either took a craving for that into his everyday life or turned 180 degrees and decided he wanted to hand out the spankings. So, I deduce after not a lot of research that the reason our lovely glamour models are getting into the spanking film business is because they like it, Oh and they do get paid. It’s a win Win situation

The World is full of naughty girls whose behaviour deserves a good hard spanking. Unfortunately, the laws of our land often prohibit us from able to administer these badly behaved ladies with the beatings they need. Fortunately we can all escape into Spanking Land where naughty girls get their just deserts. In fact, in spanking land, sometimes really good girls get spanked as well.

Ashleigh falls into the first category. Ashleigh is a very naughty girl. She has invited a photographer around to her house and agreed to have some rather dirty photographs taken. She is happy to pose topless for payment and of course, the photographer is soon busy snapping away. Unfortunately she has forgotten to mention that she lives with her Aunt and that her Auntie will not be impressed to discover that her home is being used in this way.

Obviously Auntie walks in and she is furious! She gives the photographer a flea in his ear before throwing him out. Her niece seems to think that the situation is really funny but she soon realises that Auntie means business when she gets hauled over the knee. Her short denim shorts offer her little protection from her Aunties hard and heavy hand. She is spanked like a naughty little girl over the knee.

Ashleigh is soon close to tears. Not only is her punishment painful, but it is humiliating for her to be treated this way. The spanking is prolonged and it does not take ling for her poor bum to be bright red and feel very very sore. But will she learn her lesson? Take a look at the free clip here

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