Our Spanking Mansion series has proven to be very popular. It seems that a lot of you like the darker, more edgier films we are making for it. In most instances the ladies who have appeared in these films have been close friends of ours – in honesty you could not make these type of films with strangers. A hell of a lot of trust and respect is involved when you push the boundaries as far as we do and this film is no different.  Imogen D’Arcy and Sarah Stern originally wanted to make a hard hitting real domestic discipline film. They then hit upon the idea of just how awful it would be if one partner wanted to be involved in a cp relationship and the other didn’t. Add some infidelity into the mix plus a rather unstable girlfriend and you have the ultimate betrayal. Imogen had wanted out but kindly agreed to just one more night. How she has lived to regret that. Sarah does not want to let her go and is furious with her for cheating and trying to leave. She has drugged Imogen and decided that she will act out all of her sordid fantasies. Sarah loves Imogen but hates her as well and in this part of the story alternates between being furious and beating her ex and wanting to kiss and her. Imogen is just terrified. She is tied to the bed unable to move and is being subjected to some rather sadistic and painful treatment. Sarah has also realised that she can never know let Imogen go without the girl getting her arrested and so ponders out loud about just how exactly she can deal with her. Imogen is left in no doubt that she may not get out of this situation alive. She is scared, hungry, and in terrible pain. Sarah not only punishes Imogen on her bottom but on her hands and breasts. The beating is given without mercy and Imogen is soon in floods of tears. Just how will this end? Take a look at the free clip here

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