Sound Punishment release their first Niki Flynn movie

niki flynn spanked as a cheerleader
(Click here for a 8Mb special preview)

As we have mentioned before, Niki Flynn said in her autobiography Dances with Werewolves that she had never been spanked on film whilst wearing her genuine US cheerleader uniform. So Sound Punishment did! They now have the exclusive film of this event showing on their site.

In their exclusive movie, Niki is an exchange student from the US who is here in the UK for study. Her US college cheerleading Coach has told her to continue with her cheerleader exercises so that she is fit for the squad when she returns home. She has failed to obey this direction and so her UK mentor has been asked to discipline her and to ensure she does not skip her exercises. Niki finds out that this means a dose of the paddle on her pert bare bottom whilst in the most embarrassing exercise positions!

Sound Punishment’s HeadMaster said to our reporter that it was a pleasure to work with Niki as her professionalism made the shoot go well and the three films that were made will really enhance their site.

A unique film from Sound Punishment

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