Spanksalot Blogspot killed by Google

Google have closed the blog after it was reported to them for repeated copyright violations under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) regulations.

This blog had repeatedly published copyrighted images they had taken from spanking sites from which they had removed copyright watermarks and site identifiers despite written warnings from the copyright owners.

Whilst we all have seen blogs that show images taken from other  sites, it is only proper if due attribution is given to the copyright holder and that a suitable link is given back to the originating site.

If the owner of spanksalot had obeyed this ‘rule’, even if they linked back via an affiliate program to the originating site, then they probably would not have lost their site.

The use of a site’s copyrighted material, without alteration, in a manner that mutually benefits both parties is acceptable,  the blatant infringement of copyright is not.

It is nice to have proof that Google also support that view.

So, if you want to use a site’s images on your blog then please  follow these guidelines to avoid DMCA notices which will have your blog closed down.

  1. Ask the originating  site owner or join their affiliate scheme!
  2. NEVER remove copyright information of site identifying logos from the images.
  3. Always provide a link back to the originating site. Site owners generally have no problems with people helping to advertise their sites.
  4. NEVER use one site’s material to try and promote traffic to another site, this WILL antagonise the legitimate content owners!

Follow these guidelines and you could have a content rich, and possibly profitable blog!

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