Let the spanking new changes happen

A very interesting article today on the Spanking Sarah blog, it is good to see that there is life out there inside some of the organisations making spanking films. I for one have gotten pretty tired of the same old thing churned out by the bigger companies, the same story lines, the same school room […]

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Spanking Sarah at The Edge

News from Spanking Sarah. Having only just started in the spanking scene this amazing lady has just made her first foray to a fully equipped dungeon. We understand that the films are not out at the moment but we do have some idea of what is going on from the very busy blog Sarah runs. […]

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The strong arm of the state

With knife crime rife on our streets, our kids killing each other daily, drugs being peddled at the school gate and in clubs attended by vulnerable young people. With children dying from neglect and child poverty within our urban communalities it’s reassuring to know that the nations plods still have time to protect our morality […]

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