The strong arm of the state

Westgate Old SchoolWith knife crime rife on our streets, our kids killing each other daily, drugs being peddled at the school gate and in clubs attended by vulnerable young people. With children dying from neglect and child poverty within our urban communalities it’s reassuring to know that the nations plods still have time to protect our morality and to ensure that we, as consenting adults do not stray from the straight and narrow path of state authorised enjoyment.
Westgate Old School, a veritable temple amongst the plethora of establishments where safe, sane consensual activities could be carried out amongst and involving only consenting adults has been ‘raided’ by the nations finest. What were they hoping to find one has to ask?
Did they expect to see kidnapped children secured to the floor and forced into unpaid labour producing shirts for some of our better known high street retailers, did the think they would be knee deep in drugs being packaged for sale on the nations streets by a criminal gang arriving for work each morning dressed as schoolmasters and aging schoolboys? What crime were they investigating?
Have a read of the article below reprinted from the Yorkshire Evening Post, once described as the last bastion of literacy in our illiterate and enumerate world. Once you have worked out what the crime being committed was and ranked it alongside the other felonies being committed in the Wakefield area we suggest you write to the chief constable of West Yorkshire and tell him that you would be a lot happier if his bobbies were out on the streets protecting you and your kids from real criminals. I suspect that most of the bobbies would rather be doing that as well. Oh! Raise a glass in support of Miss. W. Hastings-Gore for she may need all the help she can get once the paragons of virtue inhabiting the judicial establishment realise that she may be an easy ‘nick’ and throw the might of the state into incarcerating her in a dungeon… No better not go down that road or she may make my next visit a very painful one.

Yorkshire Evening Post. 27 September
A KINKY schoolroom-style suspected brothel has been discovered in a police raid in Wakefield.
Officers visited “Westgate Old School” in the city centre and found a fully-equipped classroom and a room kitted out to look like a dungeon. Two women were arrested at the premises and questioned on suspicion of running a brothel for personal gain.
Police were investigating what was going on at the building, in Thompson’s Yard, when screams were heard coming from behind a locked door.
Officers from Wakefield central neighbourhood police team took action and arrested the two women, who are aged 47 and 35 and from East Ardsley, near Wakefield, and Manchester. Both were later bailed pending further inquiries.As the arrests were being made, men were arriving to take part in what they described as “harmless role-play”.
They had come from throughout the country for the event which could cost up to £200 each.At the premises, police found equipment including stocks, whips, birches and masks, while there was also a classroom with a blackboard and the office of “headteacher Miss W Hastings-Gore.” There were also uniforms, handcuffs and a cage. Westgate Old School’s website advertises its services as role-play in its “school classroom” and “dungeon”. It says: “Day schools have always been the backbone of schools run by Hastings-Gore. “These events comprise a mixed class of pupils, boys, girls and cross-dressers, experiencing a full day of school lessons, based on the old school values.”It also makes mention of “caning nights”, “spanking parties” and promotes three-day “boarding school” events with stays in “school dormitories”. The raid came after possible links were discovered between Westgate Old School and a party billed as “Northern Caning Nite”, which was to have included caning competitions and corporal punishment.However that event, which cost £25 a ticket, was cancelled earlier this month.

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