Beating the hell out of the depression

Great news from English Spankers who seem to have realised that the country is going down the shitter and no one seems to care.
This from ENGLISH SPANKERS “We have some amazing videos coming to brighten up the gloomy days of depression ahead. We realise just how important it is to all of you that you spend your money wisely that’s why at English spankers we are pulling out all the stops to give you the very best spanking films ever.
Instead of cutting back we are spending more on making sure that the films we shoot for you feature the very best girls, the best locations and the hardest spanking action. We will have more stills and will maintain and try to improve on the high standard we set our selves. It’s not much we know but it is our contribution to helping you through the dark days. In order to save money we suggest you take the longer membership period, the saving is considerable and you know, if already a member that you maybe can’t trust your bank not to short change you but at English Spankers we PROMISE to give you top value for your money”.

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