Lady bank manager spanked and caned?

A little bird has whispered important news into our ear. English Spankers are looking for a lady bank manager who is prepared, for a load of dosh, to be spanked as a token punishment for all the wan, sorry bankers who have got our world into the mess it is in.
If you are that lady who will take this, maybe an ex bank manager, then get in touch with English Spankers, rewards await you as does a well deserved red arse. Oh! And I want to see that film.
Some nice pictures below illustrate just how we see the bank manager.

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4 comments to Lady bank manager spanked and caned?

  • sam

    I would have asked her about the punishment, hoping and suggesting to spank me.

  • cez owen

    i would glady remove my clothing & underwear bend over the desk and receive 12 of the best whislst counting the strokes and replying 1 thank you miss 2 thank you miss ect ect…

  • Sixofthebest

    If I was a customer of this lady banker manager. I would make her bend over her desk, raise her dress waist high, then while she is just wearing her suspender-belt and stockings, pull down her knickers to her ankles. Then upon her bare bottom apply a swishy cane. 12 strokes of the cane. 12 of the very best strokes of the cane.

  • Rob Johnson

    I thought i was going to get spanked by my bank manager a few years ago, when i was about 23. I was summoned to see her to talk about my account. She was in her mid 40’s, brunette with her hair tied up in a bun, she was fairly attractive and had a fuller figure, large breasts and a decent sized arse but she wasn’t fat by any means. Anyway she started to tell me off about my overdraft etc and she was really talking to me like i was a naughty schoolboy, she certainly made me feel like one. When i thought we had finished i got up to leave and she shouted at me “SIT DOWN I HAVEN’T FINISHED WITH YOU YET”. She said if the only way to get through to me was humiliation then that’s what she would do, she told me to return in 2 weeks and if my account wasn’t in order then she would “do what was necessary and i would have to accept whatever punishment she deemed appropriate”!! I did return 2 weeks later and my account was in a better state and she was much nicer to me. In a way i wish i had left my account in a mess to see what she would have done!!

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