New F/F discipline site

A new site has erupted upon the spanking scene featuring the real-life domestic discipline girlfriends Abigail Whittaker and Audrey Knight.
Their new site features the delectable, stern Audrey taking her cute, younger girlfriend Abi over her lap or various other pieces of equipment to prepare her for some VERY deserved spankings.
Abi, an early-twenties coed, is naturally impulsive, cheeky, and just plain naughty. This gives her beautiful, more responsible lover more than enough reasons to redden her backside. The relationship dynamic shown on the site is what comes of a real-life chemistry and closeness with one another. Abigailʼs partners in crime will also be getting their comeuppances over Audreyʼs lap in near-future updates. And to give Audreyʼs nerves (and arm) a rest other firm-handed women will be taking Abigailʼs pretty little bottom to task for her misdeeds at times.
These two beautiful spanko girls have a lot of plans with the direction of their site for the future and will continually produce realistic, high quality photos, videos, stories, and other goodies to sate any F/F loverʼs palate. The updates are currently at least 5 days a week for this month, as the initial content is being built. Members have the opportunity to see the siteʼs daily growth into the dream the two girls have worked so hard on as well as a currently discounted price. Audrey and Abigail also are blogging about their every day lives, including the spankings that take place as part of their relationship, at

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