IT Would Be Nice….

It would be so nice to be able to end the year with some positive thoughts, some bright star on the horizon, some hope for the coming year but, this post is a little like the one I made at this time last year. This blog has not been too active during the year, other things seem to get in the way and when there are so many problems one does not like to keep highlighting them. I do pledge however that for as long as we are able we will keep posting and helping in the fight against our reactionary and seriously nasty politicians.

As far as our industry and our fetish and for many of us our way of life is going, my last post should be read and taken seriously. The proposed legislation is taking us back to the day of Lady Chatterley, yes I am old enough to remember the outrage that was caused by this crass decision and now we are sleep walking into control of the masses by the minority. We are letting this happen, we are doing nothing about this.

Maybe we have not realised it but the proposals outlined in the Digital Economy Bill will effect every producer of content of an adult nature no matter where in the world they may be. The UK is proposing to block EVERY website containing adult material. So, look at this, I know that lots of girls and indeed couples earn a living from the website adultwork many of our favourite ladies in the spanking world advertise on sites such as Spanking Personals and ITC well these sites will be banned, they will not be visible to anyone in the UK. Sites which give instant downloads of movies like Clips4Sale and The Spanking Library Will not be visible in the UK, they will have to go behind an age verification wall and you should read the article below to understand what this entails.

Take some time to reflect on this.


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