The New Year

Once again it’s time to say goodbye and then hello and then make of it what we will. What sort of year has it been, in general? Even the most optimistic amongst us would have to say it’s been a pretty shitty year. Here in Europe we have the crisis of the UK wanting, no, daring to want to take back its Sovereignty and make its own laws, this means according to most that the collapse of the Queens realm is imminent. France and Italy look to be electing extreme right wing bigots into government, America has just elected a Donald Trump to the Presidency, may your god help you,  and from Russia we have a war monger ruling the rest of the world and dictating the terms. So the world will carry on as usual and we the little people will become ever less relevant to it all.

Poverty is rife through out the western world, we the most advanced countries can’t feed or home our poor, we can’t look after our sick and we are not educating our kids to do the jobs that need doing, and we don’t have the will to change this, we are too apathetic and it’s not really our business anyway. Why have we become so complacent, what has happened to the peoples of the western world, will we really standby and watch while the other side of the world is ravaged by war, dictated to by greed and the unquenchable desire for power of a few. The sad answer is yes we will, we will because we are OK, we have a job, we have some money in our pockets, we have our kids…

OH yes our kids, our kids are pretty lucky, for the average teenager the ability to put a smart phone in front of their faces and spend their days talking nonsense to others like them is all they want and all they need, they do not know how to engage in any social discourse, how to relate face to face with others so they will be well equipped when it’s their turn to start doing the politicking and the diplomacy . Syria, starvation, deprivation, not for them. Do they even know what is happening? Some do and some are doing things about it but they will come up against the same walls and we do not encourage too much dissent, too much free thinking, so don’t break these walls down.

There are other kids though, these are the ones who are being bourn into a world we created, where they grow up knowing nothing but war and hate and poverty both of mind and spirit. These kids are going to grow up but what then? What will their out look on life be, will they be thankful to us for our inability to end what is happening in their homeland, will they thank us for passing by on the other side.  We have Palestine where a whole people are being systematically squeezed into the sea and America agrees with this illegal activity, we have the UK where MPs on Britain’s  are divided over plans that would recommend suspending UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia over alleged breaches of international law in Yemen. Why are the UK government supplying these head chopping butchers with arms? Money of course, what else would it be, they dress it up and say no, it’s because of the intelligence we get from them, so we condone torture as well.

That’s just a small look at where we are going to be in the New Year and I for one do not see it getting any better, the cause and the effect are the same. I start the year with profound sadness because I know it wont change. America had half a chance with Obama but the right wing fanatics neutered any good this man could have done and beat him down, the UK has a man called Jeremy Corbyn who has vision and has a deep commitment to socialist principles but he has been beaten down by his own people and the rest of Europe is holding its breath waiting for the collapse of their currency.

I can only wish us all a Happy New Year and hope that I am entirely wrong and that nothing written above is true.

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