Sarah Bright spanking, caning and hardcore sex

Sarah from SpankingSarahWhat is happening in the spanking world? Suddenly the naughty girls have discovered that they do like sex after all. Things are really looking up now with the arrival on the scene of Sarah Bright a tall, smart, good looking blonde who seems to thrive on being spanked and more, much more. At the moment she only has a blog up and running but is in the process of building her own web site. She says that it is the most exciting thing she has ever done and that making the films gives her life that extra something she always wanted. Said Sarah ” I just love being spanked, it is something I have wanted for almost all of my life but I never new how to get what I wanted. I had boyfriends and just like lots of other girls I would ask them to spank me but they all thought I was a bit weird and as soon as this happened I lost interest in them and moved on. So I really never got the spanking that I wanted and I think maybe needed. I then met the lovely guys who are helping me with my website, doing all the filming for me and at last, giving me all the spanking I want. Life is great again and having my own web site is really for me a celebration of the fact that I am now doing with my life something I always wanted but never new how. If any other girls out there feel the same as me then do something about it, contact me and lets chat about it and who knows maybe you will get the spankings you crave for”.
We have looked at Sarah’s blog and it certainly is very professional and is coming along just fine as is the little bit we have seen of her site. There is obviously a lot more to be done on the site yet but we do wish Sarah luck with the site and get along and take a look at her blog and if anyone wants to take up Sarah’s offer of getting there first spanking then contact her direct through the blog.

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