Please read the many earlier articles so that you know just what your MP is doing in YOUR name. Dis he or she ask you? Ask them, tell them you do not want this bill.

                                                                                    Almost 25,000 people have signed our petition calling on Parliament to reject censorship of legal content.

In the Digital Economy Bill, the BBFC  would be able to block adult websites that don’t verify the age of their users. No privacy safeguards are in the Bill. UK citizens risk having their sexuality and sexual interests leaked, hacked or exploited.
                                                                                                       What makes this worse is that the proposals are unlikely to work or keep children safe online.

The House of Lords is looking at the Bill at the moment and will vote on it in the next couple of weeks. The UK is a small market for adult websites. Most foreign websites won’t enforce age verification.  So the BBFC will have a power to block potentially millions of non-compliant websites.

The Government says the BBFC will only use this power to block a small number of websites – perhaps 100 of the largest sites. But blocking 100 adult sites won’t prevent under 18s from accessing adult content. There will be plenty of other sites for them to access.
                                                                                                          Help us get the message out that the UK’s children need education, not censorship, to keep them safe online.
Can you sign our petition against the censorship of legal content? Once you’ve signed it, could you share the petition with your friends too?

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Thanks to the open rights group. Please support them they are working for you

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