In praise of the older lady

Annie SpankedWe had a really nice e-mail from a lady saying that she had contacted a well known spanking web site saying that she wanted to model for them, fully expecting that they would jump at the chance of featuring a new, unseen bottom on their site. She was most surprised when she got back a mail saying, ‘no thanks, you’re too old’. She was most upset and a little annoyed, she said she is 48 years old but has a great bottom that is in need of some sound punishment. We looked into this and yes this does seem to be the policy with lots of site, girls between 18 and 25 only, what can they be thinking of. We know that lots of older ladies do love to have a bottom spanking and thankfully some of them don’t mind this being filmed.

We consulted a number of sites and English Spankers said they would welcome the older lady, the picture they have sent to us features a lady of ** years old, well she is over 50 but what a great bottom and we understand that she loves it spanked and caned.

So, if you want to see the more mature lady spanked and caned, and the BBW type lady you know where to look. And ladies you know where to go to.

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3 comments to In praise of the older lady

  • sixofthebest

    I love your spanking models, Sarah, Sandi, Dani, they are mature woman with very voluptous bare bottoms, and canings they receive are perfect. Of course as often a possilbe encase their legs in suspender-belt and stockings, for more erotisism. Six of the best to all your models, and may Red Stripe Films, have a ‘spanking good time.

  • Maybe not in isolation but we do have good feedback from many who do like to see the mature lady over the knee.
    It is only fair to these ladies that they have a place to go where they can be spanked as we also found that with many of them their husbands had no interest in this side of their wives needs and just dismissed it.
    It is good to think that with the English Spankers web site they can get a spanking when they feel the need. I understand they also do this for deserving ladies without the camera present. We should say good for them!

  • Michael

    I’ve discussed with a few people the possibility of an older women spanking themed site. Nobody takes it seriously.

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