Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill

Once again the Government wants to interfere with your private life and to dictate to you what you may and may not view on the internet.
Those of us who are old enough to remember the ‘Lady Chatterley’ trial thought that we had seen this sort of nonsense coming to an end. Not so.
In this already over regulated and repressed country one would have though that our brave new ‘Government for the people’ would have better things to put its mind to but no.
We are entering a time of serious economic decline where the citizens of this country will, in large numbers, be losing their houses and homes, with the pressures of global warming, terrorism, starvation through most of the undeveloped world, the shortage of staple foods such as rice, the abuses of human rights committed by our government, the Americans, the Chinese and god knows who else, we have elected to serve us a bunch of sexually and mentally repressed no bodies who now want to come into your bedroom and once again legislate on your personal and private lives. We ask that you go to this link, have a good look at what is set out there and tell your MP to keep his nose out of your business.
We spankers are a pretty harmless bunch, we do see the need to stop the hardcore and sadistic abuse of those who are totally innocent and in need of protection but make no mistake, if this Bill goes ahead it will expand into every area of your private life. Take an interest now before its to late this is not law yet but it may well come to pass.

Lady Chatterly


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