Support your Spanking sites or face losing them forever

We hope Spanking Sarah will not mind but we have taken the latest post (20/08/2011) from her Spanking England web site and reprinted it below. It will have a resonance with many web masters and web site owners and points to a problem that is effecting not just the spanking film world but the livelihood of just about anyone who produces media that is available on the internet.

Pirates! This has always been the name given to a rather nasty group of individuals and they are none the less nasty today because they do not use knives and cutlasses. They are thieves and opportunists of little or no discernable talent, usually socially immature individuals who are by nature under achievers. Their claim to fame is that they are able to steal the work of others and make money from it. Enough said, let Sarah tell it from the producers point of view.

As you know, I am on holiday in Spain with my not so little ones for a week. A week to spend some time to relax and laze by the pool. Having your own spanking website is like a dream come true, right? I have pots of money and drive a flashy car? Those of you who know me and have come along for a spanking session know this is not the case. Yes, of course I earn money from my website, but I have like you a home to maintain and some not so little ones to keep in food and trainers. I am not poor, far from it but I am not stinking rich either. As do all other spanking website producers, I work bloody hard.

It is not all about smacking bottoms. My work much as I love it often takes me away from my family and can be very stressful. Now, I am not expecting you to cry me a river or anything like that. What I am asking you to do is to think twice before you watch spanking material, be it mine or anybody elses, without having joined the site that has produced it. Pirates are killing our spanking sites. They join for a month, download all our material and then upload it and make money from our hard work. We then have to spend our time looking on the web for it and issuing notices for said material to be taken down.

I would estimate that I am online for at least an hour a day on my holiday looking for this and there has not been a day so far when I have not found illegal uploads of my and others great spanking films. It does not take a rocket scientist to realise that if this piracy is allowed to continue, then some of the spanking sites will just not be able to survive.

There is a theory that the people who watch the illegal downloads would never join a site so we are not losing anything but my fear is that as times get harder, normal honest guys and girls who do usually pay will see this as almost a ‘faceless ‘crime and commit it without really thinking about the consequences. Piracy is a crime and it is one that is destroying our spanking websites. Some have already fallen and I predict more will over the next twelve to eighteen months. I know of at least one spanking website which is hanging on by its fingertips. As Gloria Gaynor said ‘I will survive ‘and I am pretty sure many others will as well but guys, if you contribute to the pirates pockets you are responsible and not just for putting some great guys out of business.

You will be stopping spanking models from getting work. The pirates sure as hell are not going to pay them and how can we if our revenue is being ripped off? Plus you are limiting how many films and the type of films available. You are hurting us but in the long run, you will be hurting yourselves. The pirates make money every time one of OUR films is downloaded. If you don’t watch, they won’t bother. So today’s post is an SOS. SAVE OUR SPANKS!”

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