Piracy and spanking file share


Piracy is a continuing problem within our industry and kink just as much as the large music and film companies. What used to be the preserve of a few individuals who thought it was clever and their god given right to steal content from producers and share it with the world seems now to have been taken over by criminal gangs.

Criminal gangs have found  that using stolen credit cards, mostly from the USA, to join web sites and then working  in conjunction with file locker sites who we know are complicit in the pirates activities make money and clean money from their criminal activities.  These nasty individuals are now going a step further, not content with using stolen credit cards to take films, these Pirates are now trying to coerce people into sharing their passwords with them.  This is what they have said openly on one of their forums, oh yes they do communicate.


“Dear members! Unfortunately, the password forum  is not as active and popular as we want it to be. I’d like to make a couple remarks concerning passwords exchanging via PMs. While posting links to copyrighted material is a crime in some states, exchanging passes with friends is absolutely legal. If you buy a password and wish to give it to a friend for free, you have the right to do so. You can do almost whatever you want with the passes you buy. Yes, many sites say that they prohibit password sharing. But this is not a crime from the legal point of view and giving passes to a friend does not have any legal consequences. Exchanging passes is one of the best ways to make new friends”!


Now I don’t want to go into the legalities of this statement save for one point, the pirates did not mention that when one takes a membership to a web site there is an agreement or contract with the web site owner that passwords will not be shared with others so there is breach of contract for starters.

What is the  true picture as far as the user or member of spanking or other sex web sites is concerned? No spanking site will allow its members to share their passwords and  many sites have security which prevents a password from being used from more than one ip address, as I said above this is a contractual understanding which is enforceable in law.  If a password is shared by a site member that  membership of a particular site will be cancelled and the members  ip address will be passed onto CCBILL or other billing companies and it will be banned not just from the site  shared from but from every site that CCBill or other billing companies  take payment for.

Site members  must also remember that it is THEIR NAME AND ADDRESS on the site owners records, not those of the pirates so any legal action decided upon would be against the member.  Is it really worth taking the risk to help these leeches?  If you have bought a membership to any spank site then you should enjoy it yourself.  Online piracy is a crime and one which is being addressed in the courts at the moment.  The people who are asking for the passes are not spank fans they are just after making a quick buck or two off of our backs.  Don’t allow yourself to be used by them and aid their criminal activities.

Many of the file locker sites now want the consumer to pay for faster downloads, just think about this, these companies are operating in a criminal environment, dealing with criminals, do you want to give them your credit card details? The irony of it is that if you do this it could be you paying for the next criminal membership of a web site.

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