The answer to the question

Pandora BlakeWell it certainly did not take long to get the answer to our โ€˜Whose bottom is it’ competition. You have to be quick off the mark around here I can see that. The answer was of course the lovely Pandora Blake and we have the picture of her receiving that stroke from the lucky Mr. Thomas Cameron.
The winner? Well I think she has a bit of a cheek really as she has been quite close to that bottom but the FREE membership, given by English Spankers goes to Miss Amy Hunter. We understand that ES hope to be filming with her very soon so we have no doubt that full retribution for her cheek will be exacted. Well done Amy, Grrrr!

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2 comments to The answer to the question

  • Lucy McLean

    You know, I thought about entering and figured it would be unfair being a scene girl! Though that one was easy. I have a weird and rather creepy talent of being able to match the bottom to just about any girl I have worked with. Given that I spend all day every day looking at their bottoms though in edit I probably have an unfair advantage.

  • Amy

    In my defence, yer honour, I’ve never actually worked with Pandora or gotten near her lush bottom. I’ve sadly only met her once, at the Bums on the Run event a year ago. Well – by “met”, I mean we snogged. But I think that still classes as meeting someone…

    My only excuse is that I frequently perv, sorry, browse pictures she puts on her blog… Clearly I have too much time on my hands!


    And yes, I have no doubt that my poor little bottom will receive the brunt of my cheek – such is the way of life!!



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