Spanking Mansion, new film range

The new Spanking Mansion films from Redstripe have proven to be very popular. These films are really edgy and completely different to the normal ‘run of the mill spanking film’ They will not appeal to everyone as the punishments are not only on the bottom and are often of a harsher nature. So far we have filmed these special films with Pandora Blake, Suzanne Smart, Nicki Montford and Aleesha Fox. It takes a special kind of lady to make a Spanking Mansion film and I am very pleased to add Imogen D’Arcy to that list.

We have filmed with Imogen on a lot of occasions and would class her as one of our Spanking friends. To make these types of films there has to be trust between the participants. We asked Imogen if she would like to make a Spanking Mansion film and after watching the ones already available she was more than happy to go ahead. As Sarah and Imogen had filmed together before it was felt that the two of them could and would make a realistic film and we are very pleased with the outcome.

Imogen plays the part of a girl who is sick to death of her controlling Girlfriend. Sarah has constant demands for kinky sex and Imogen is not happy with this at all. In fact, she has found herself a new Girlfriend and plans to leave Sarah. Sarah is not used to being left and tries to change her mind. When she realises that this is not going to happen she tries a different tact. She begs Imogen to stay with her for just one more night. When Imogen says yes she could not have known just how life changing her kind deed was going to be.

When Imogen awakes it is to find that she has been drugged, stripped and tied to the bed. She has been gagged and the terrified girl suddenly realises just how unstable her Ex is. Sarah is out for revenge. She has read all the texts on Imogens phone and knows that she had been replaced. She is furious at the betrayal and is going to make sure Imogen pays a heavy price.

A terrified Imogen is forced to listen to her rants and is unable to move, speak or beg. Sarah produces various implements which she plans to use on her defenceless victim. Apart from the real pain Imogen is feeling is the helplessness. Sarah has no plans to let her go and is going to make her life an absolute misery. Imogen is whipped on her legs, breasts, bottom and back with a variety of nasty spanking tools. Her eyes fill up with tears and if she could she would beg for her torment to stop. A dark and twisted film. Take a look at the free clip here

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