The end of the year

Yes, it’s the end of another year and what can we say? The world is no better this year than it was last, human behaviour, one man or woman to another seems to have gotten  worse with extremists from all ends of the spectrum running the world and the people in many cases seeming to be happy with this state of affairs. I have to say, I really do not understand the mentality of those who vote to have their lives made worse, to have others treated as sub humans, to deny the challenges of climate change and the evils of waste and the dumping of rubbish in our oceans. Fracking seems to be the latest get quick rich scheme dreamt up by the multinationals who run our world, no thoughts of the people who don’t want it, don’t need at and have made their voices heard to no avail.

Do those in power ever listen to the people? It seems not. Do they care? Not  a jot. Will they continue to prosper? You bet your life. Will we keep giving them a second chance? Of course we will. So who’s to blame for all the idiots running the world? We are of course because we elected all these low life bottom feeders and we don’t really care any more. We have been lulled into that comfortable basket of cotton wool and  feathers, we are told everything is fine, we have never been so wealthy, we have never been so safe, we have never been so well governed. Oh dear, we are all to blame.

Well that’s my rant over and now I’m going to post some pictures of some of the beautiful ladies we have met and photographed this year. This is one of the few things we have that is honest and untainted, although, don’t look too far ahead, the barely legitimate government in the UK at the moment are coming back with more plans to curb your freedom on the internet so, better not get too complacent, but in the meantime enjoy and lets all try to make 2019 better, you can help by not voting for dictatorial idiots and spoilt child like apparitions.

Thanks in no order to Lulu Lamb,Cherry English, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Suzanne Smart, Mia Beth, Lola Marie, Tindra, Denali, Alexa, Isabel Dean, Kayleth, Lucy. And not forgetting Parker and our great man of all parts Kodders.

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