You have to start taking the threat to your civil liberty seriously at some time, those of us either involved in the spanking and CP world and those of us who just love to look at the results of the labours of the aforementioned and indeed those of us who just value our right to free speech and expression of our likes, desires and our feelings are now, in the UK facing the biggest clampdown on our liberty in living memory. More than this, the right to enact and enforce the un-asked for and un-needed piece of legislation which is being used to restrict your rights to view what you as an adult chose to view has been given to an unelected organisation which seems to make up the rules as it goes along.

There are many within the industry who have chosen to get out and do something else with their talents, there are others who have relocated abroad so depriving the country of much needed tax revenue and there are others who are fighting from within. I want to offer to you a short free film from the very excellent people at I do hope that you take a look at it and if you have a web site or a blog take it and use it with their compliments. People need to wake up to what is happening around them and supposedly in their names. Those of us in the industry need to do all we can to fight and to support those who will undoubtedly find themselves in the firing line of the thought police at ATVOD. Those who love to watch the results of the film makers in the UK should also take note and where possible give their support to British web sites if you don’t they will disappear and you will be left with the mad outpourings of those unregulated producers who are peddling porn and sex of the most disgusting type. Please note if you are viewing this on a phone or tablet you may not see the viewer so please go direct to from your PC

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