Spankings not the real porn

Just by chance I looked at my diary today and it was with shock I realised that it will soon be Christmas again. No I am not going to say any more on the subject but I use it to illustrate how fast this year has gone for me.

I started the year full of hope, well I always do, I am quite a happy bunny by nature but as the year went on the realisation that it was not going to get any better slowly dawned on me. I know this is a spanking news blog but sometimes things in our world just get so damn bad and sad that we as ordinary citizens never seem to get a chance to say the things we secretly feel and want to share. I have not made many posts this last year, must do better in the next, and that’s not a resolution its just a hope that I can do better. Most of my posts have been to do with the spanking community and the terrible things that are happening to those who produce the lovely spanking films and web sites that bring so many of us pleasure.

In England we still have so many people and a state and “fourth estate” that think  have the right to interfere in what the people see and think and to try to influence the opinions they hold. They do try all ways, some very subtle and some not so, to impose their totally anti democratic will onto ordinary people. They are fortunate for they have the combined powers of the news media on their side, don’t think that just because one newspaper appears to be sympathetic to your cause today that it will always be that way, just look at who owns them!

We have had the whole debacle with ATVOD, all we are assured to protect children…Poppycock and anyone with half a mind knows it, we have welcomed social media in all its grossest forms into our children’s lives and taken few measures to protect them from the grossest insults upon their young minds, rather we have sat in the next room as our kids read the vilest things and then repeat and finally originate that same. We did not offer our kids any protection against that malicious influence that comes within the folds of  the social media sites. We sat and watched as they play on the most frightening and realistic video games, they become soldiers, killers, avengers, all in their young minds and we are then surprised when they go out and stab and kill each other.

Then we have porn. I am getting quite old now but when I was a kid I had porn, all my friends had porn, plenty of porn and in those days it was totally illegal, so what’s changed. Now it’s legal. Kids will always find porn, today using the computer skills of the average 10 year old nothing will be able to be hidden from the kids, they will always seek it and they will always find it. Governments cant keep data hidden and safe, telephone companies, the communications specialists cant keep data safe. The more they try to ban ‘legitimate’ well produced spanking porn the more the kids will turn to their skills and their thirst to look at that which is outlawed and driven underground, the easier it will be for them to come across the disgusting and depraved works of the extreme producers which know no boundaries and wont be voluntarily moderated and certainly will not be moderated nor stopped by any state intervention.

You would think that with the world in a crisis over the wars in the middle east, the famine that still engulfs lots of the world, the refugee families fleeing war and persecution and the child poverty at home, our government, busily trying to make the poor people even more poor, would have better things to do with their time and expertise. Let these clever people who work for organisations like ATVOD, OFCOM BBFC and all the other busy bodies and propagators of state control put their talents to something useful. Wouldn’t it be nice guys to go home at night and be able to say.” I just found a home for a homeless family, now they can live in peace in our country”.

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