50 Shades of Justice

Thanks to The Telegraph on line  for airing this little snippet

A female GP who left her businessman lover covered in bleeding welts following a caning session has been cleared of assault. The sex life of Elvira Blakemore, 41 and James Austin, a 57-year-old businessman, culminated in a trial at Croydon Crown Court, south London.

A jury was told how the couple began to experiment sexually after Dr Blakemore was said to have been interested in the fantasies portrayed in the film, 50 Shades of Grey. At the heart of the case was whether the caning amounted to assault or was, as the GP insisted, purely consensual.

The court was told the couple had enjoyed a whirlwind romance, having become acquainted via an Internet dating site,  After only five dates Mr Austin proposed marriage and the doctor moved into the businessman’s £3.6 million mansion on a gated estate in Locksbottom, Kent. They went on to have two sons.

Mr Austin told the court that the couple kept a cane in their bedroom and had also bought spanking paraphernalia at the Ann Summers sex shop.  The jury heard that Mr Austin signed one gift “personal spanker to naughty Dr Elvira” and she in turn signed an email as “personal spanker.”  But gradually their relationship deteriorated.

On one occasion, Mr Austin told the court, she hit him with the cane after he had passed out on their bed. “She was violently hitting me with the cane very many times on the back. There was a cut on my cheek also, but she just kept going and by the end there was blood on the bed,” he said. Having been hit between 25-35 times, Mr Austin rang the emergency services and paramedics told him to seek hospital treatment.

However Dr Blakemore, who was born in Chechnya and gave up her post as a GP to move in with Mr Austin, insisted the caning was consensual. “He told me to get on with it.. The point of caning is the contrast between painful stimulation and touching the body and he said, ‘Go on baby’. ‘‘I poured champagne on his back after. It’s part of the pleasure, the cold champagne cools the skin. It’s a nice sensation. James was making noises like he was enjoying it.” She was also accused of punching Mr Austin a month later. But Dr Blakemore was also cleared of the assault charge arising from that incident as well.

The couple have since parted with Dr Blakemore now living in Holland-on-Sea, Essex.

Neither was prepared to comment after the case.





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