It’s a funny, sad old world

It’s almost the end of another year in which almost the whole world was involved in unrest and violence of some description. Really one would have to say it was a very sad year. The situation does not look as though it will be getting any better either, we seem to have forgotten that we are all humans and all supposed to be equal.

We have wars and we still have starvation, we have people without homes, displaced and disheartened by the response from some of the world’s richer nations. What must these folk think when they have the British prime minister trying to impose totally unrealistic limits on how many of the world’s poorest people we can help.

When the American people look set to nominate a heartless, nasty, mean spirited bigot and misogynist to the highest office in the land and where the richest people in the world get richer every day. Just today we learn that the Euro bureaucrats  have voted themselves a 2% pay rise.

Where a member of the British house of Lords spends thousands of pounds of public money on taxis to the opera. Where innocent Americans are being slaughtered every day by owners of legally purchased guns, where England has to join in the bombing of a country because not to do so would look “not Good” with our allies.

Where a democratically elected leader of a British political party is traduced and ridiculed not only by the “free “press but also by members of his own party! Why, well he is a pacifist, he does not believe in dropping bombs on innocent people and he does not believe in having weapons of mass destruction in the hands of people who have proven they are not responsible. He believes in the redistribution of wealth and has respect for the views of the electorate and those he represents. What a funny old world we live in and some sobering thoughts as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Oh, yes that’s what Christmas is supposed to be about but, well maybe we have forgotten that as well.

Have a happy one and try to change things, you can, you have the power.

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