The spanking Mansion

I have just been looking at REDSTRIPE FILMS and found an amazing series. This does not seem to be something they have advertised too heavily but I really don’t know why. I contacted Sandy the lady who runs the site and she said it was an idea they had some time ago to let the girls get together to write their own scripts with the proviso they had to be a bit “edgy” and not something that would usually feature on the site.

They were quite surprised at some of the suggestions they received and started filming the series. It actually started in 2013 but they have only made around fifteen films to date. Well I really do think it’s a series they should continue with, the stories are really very good and it is obvious that a lot of time and trouble has been taken with the editing.

Featuring in the various stories there is Niki Montford, Aleesha Fox, Spanking Sarah, Suzanne Smart, Pandora Blake, Thomas Cameron, Mr Stern, Imogen, Bemby. I was just delighted to see Niki Montford, one of my all time favourite ladies and I have to say she was genuinely scared at what the girls, Sarah & Aleesha were doing too her. Pandora’s film was just amazing. Whatever this lady does she does to her very best ability and in these films with Thomas she is at her very best  I feel. Well shot, produced and edited these are classic films of the genre. The full range of films is available at Redstripe Films But you can take a look at some clips at the display site Spanking Mansion

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