Northern Spanking & Amelia Jane Rutherford

Some News from Northern Spanking who have a brilliant new film coming out soon, featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford, called “Ghastly Amelia Jane”. First part will be on the site on 18th November and there will be six parts as its 55mins long! The story is that she is the stroppy and lazy daughter of the owner of a very large engineering firm and her dad has asked one of his engineers, to school her in electrical engineering in advance of her degree. It starts with her being dragged out of bed in her jammies, protesting ferociously and spanked. When she’s eventually dressed in her school uniform her tuition doesn’t go well – she’s learned nothing, can get none of the answers right to very basic questions and is truly ghastly to the poor engineer throughought, being spanked again and strapped all to very little effect. It is only when she’s made to touch her toes for a thorough caning that any contrition appears. She has some absolutely fantastic lines in the film plus of course she’s gorgeous! We think its probably the best film NS have ever done.

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