Handy Spanking, Behind the scenes & 3D VR

A daring newish site, well new to me but it has loads of good films and its very cheap to join. That’s got that bit out of the way but what’s it all about? Well it seems to feature two distinct things, hand held camera shoots and behind the scenes at spanking shoots. There are loads of hand held sequences taken from a number of different web sites, all in top quality and most in the MP4 HD format. Some of the films I have seen before on sites I am a member of but others are new to me, there are also a few of the behind the scenes variety.

I am always a bit sceptical with behind the scenes films, but I need not have worried. They are made during the actual filming sessions and apart from being quite funny in parts they also give a bit of an insight into the difficulty of shooting spanking films. On some films the cameras appear to have been mounted at the rear of the shooting area so they do capture all the shoot, on others the editor has taken segments from films, the bits that usually don’t get used and put them together into really interesting clips. So, I like the site and it does have loads of good films, no messing nothing fancy and it’s very cheap to join so take a look at handy spank cam.

The other quick mention is for Spanking Sarah who once again is doing something different, she has in her members area some FREE 3D VR versions of some of her films. Only a few at the moment but she says she is experimenting with them. I have some VR glasses so I was able to download and watch the films and they are very good quality and as I say they are free to her members.

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