Where is the line?

How far should spanking web sites go down the sex & spanking road? There are already some well established sites out there featuring hardcore sex, with spanking, almost as an afterthought but what if it becomes a central part of the story.

We see a number of arguments here not least of which will be the outcry from the spanking only purists who want nothing but spanking and related CP on a spanking site and we don’t have any argument with that line. There will be those who like the changes that seem to have been made by most of the mainstream sites to incorporate the showing of more ‘private parts’, easy to do if you have the right spanking position, i.e. diaper, inside of thighs etc. The purist may well rebel against this but we think that most of the mainstream sites will eventually have to go down this road.

The general age of those viewing spanking sites will mean that more of the target audience will not have memories of school day spankings or of being put over dads or uncles knee for a swift leathering, no happy memories of standing outside the heads study and hearing the thwack of the cane or the slap of the paddle on  Miranda Johnson’s tightly knickered bottom, no looking through the keyhole as mum laid into sisters bare bottom.

Full on sex is everywhere, where do the spanking sites go and how far do they go. We would love to hear your views, let us know just what you think by sending thoughts to us here.

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