Pandora Blake is one of the most articulate and vocal campaigners against the DEBill {Digital Economy} and against internet censorship. Please take time to look at this short film made by those involved in the spanking industry. Help defend all our liberties and our fight for sexual freedom. Please take our RSS feed for this site and publicize this site wherever you can, we will endeavor to keep you informed about the changes and the creeping censorship that will affect us all.
Do not think that just because you don’t live in the UK this does not affect you, it most certainly does. All websites depend on being seen by as many people as possible, one of the largest markets for spanking porn is the UK.

If your American or French or German based websites can’t be seen in the UK they will lose a large market share, this will severely curtail their ability to continue in business. None of these sites make a great deal of money, producing films is expensive and time consuming. So, add this to the fact that if the British government are able to get away with this scheme, which will make our internet the most heavily censored outside North Korea, your country could be next. Support Pandora
In the wake of the AVMS regulations 2014, porn performers, kinksters, erotic writers and spanking enthusiasts from the UK and US talk to Pandora Blake about the implications of the new laws, how it affects them, and why porn censorship is something we should all care about.

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