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We have just received this from Spanking Sarah, My word! She does sound excited so we have printed it just as she sent it.
“YES IT’S OPEN, Spanking Sarah the web site is now up and running and I think it looks great. I am so sorry about the delay in opening but we did want to have it looking just right for you all. The member’s area has a nice selection of pictures and videos, all the videos are totally new and I think very different from any other spanking web site. The quality and the production of the videos has been overseen at all times by me and I just want everything to be right. So now, please go along and, oh yes one other thing, I KNOW THAT YOU ARE GOING TO FIND OUR SPECIAL OPENING OFFER JUST TOO GOOD TO MISS. We have a very low price for all our founder members and this price reflects the fact that it is a new site, that we are in a credit crunch and that I just want to give you the very best value possible. Have a look at the free films on the outside of the site then click through and see the amazing value offer. Please let me know what you think to my films and give me your suggestions for my next ones. I will be adding to the site every week so it will be growing fast but your membership will stay at the special opening price”.

We all want to wish you good luck with the site Sarah and we have taken a quick look, yes even we have paid to become a member and I can tell you that you can get your membership for around £13 or $18 and that’s not bad for top quality films and pictures.

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