Strange goings on at spanking shoot

We always like to welcome a new lady to the spanking scene so, welcome Kami. We just had a report Kami bent over for the canefrom English Spankers about their shoot with this young lady and they were over the moon with her performance and her love of being spanked. Sounds strange to those who don’t understand the scene but to us, well that’s just the sort of thing we love to hear. We understand that after the filming was over and the crew just packing away the shooting kit, she started to get a bit naughty and it was decided that another spanking, paddling and a dose of the cane was called for, the makeup lady also decided to poke her nose in so she ended up, bottom bared and the cane being administered to her.

That’s the sort of thing we like to hear. We hope to have a short sample video of this happening on video very soon but in the meantime here’s a picture of young Kami to keep you happy.

Any more spanking shoot stories? Good or bad.

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