Copyright theft and Yahoo

Copyright and intellectual property rights theft seems to be on the increase, this is not only in the music industry but in the not so rarefied air of the spanking community Why should that bother web users and spanking fans and what can you do about it? Everyone thinks that web site owners and operators make huge fortunes from operating their sites, in a few cases this may have a ring of truth but for the average size spanking web site there are no fortunes at the end of the rainbow or at the end of a hard days work.

We now have one of the largest organisations on the internet, Yahoo, through its sponsorship of its free to use and free to post adult groups positively condoning the theft of material from hard working web site owners.
How does it work? Quite complex in the actual operation but to simplify the twists and turns used by copyright thieves, and what we are talking about here are those individuals who join a web site, download its entire contents and then set out to post these contents on free to use and free to access web sites, they then publicise the postings on their Yahoo group so reaching a huge audience the world over.
Why do they do it? Who knows, these are people with no discernable talent of their own, no ability to create anything tangible and whose only claim to fame can be that they know how to steal the property of others and display it for others to look at.

Maybe you say this is not a thing to get irate over, well if no one is able to make at least some money from the whole enterprise, making, editing and placing films onto their legitimate web sites then pretty soon there will be no new content from particularly the smaller producers and lets face it, these are usually the real enthusiasts and are the most likely to produce the best films and the best web sites. It does actually cost quite a lot of money to produce content each week for a web site and while it may be great to be able to get the content for free just think how you would feel if you weren’t paid for your time at work or you as a producer of widgets suddenly found that someone had ripped off your design and was giving them away just down the street from you!

So what about Yahoo and there involvement in this illegal act. We know from a number of web site owners that they have been reporting to Yahoo the Yahoo groups who advertise illegal material to but Yahoo doesn’t make it easy. They are passed from one department to another and their intelligence insulted by repeated claims to keep supplying the same information to Yahoo time after time. You can look here Yahoo to find out what Yahoo say is their policy and if any web site or copyright owners want to make a complaint to yahoo try this complain as a starting place.

We understand that a number of site owners are getting together to stamp on people who think they can get away with this type of behaviour, action is we know being taken against the free sites hosting the stolen films, this is illegal in most countries, and it is now time that action was taken too curb the insolence of big business in the form of Yahoo who just don’t care. They may not be hosting the stolen product but they are helping the thieves point users in the direction of the product. If you want to help, then don’t use Yahoo, they are making money out of allowing pirates to use their services through advertising and other means. There are other ways to get to where you want to go to without using this unprincipled company.

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