How do they get away with it?

How do they get away with it? The copying and reselling of other people’s films seems to be on the increase, not only do we have companies such as Yahoo and many other free host sites showing movies downloaded from legitimate web sites but we also have others simply advertising catalogues and selling the stolen product wholesale.
As with all forms of copyright theft and video piracy it is hard to stop but not impossible. The people doing this usually establish post office boxes and use other people as the front for their illegal business and make no mistake this is big business. It is in actuality not that hard to track these people down and we know that there are already some British pirates being looked at by the owners of the original material.
Everyone likes to get something for nothing, we all like to pay less than the going rate for things we want but the reality is that with these companies selling pirate films, DVDs and material downloaded from the internet they are robbing some hardworking people who maybe don’t make loads of money anyway, not nice people and they may soon be in for some surprises.

Reporter – Rick Jarvis

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