iPhone downloads from Spanking Sarah

Just a small bit of news but it’s good news and it comes from Sarah who runs Spanking Sarah. She is one of these people who loves the iphone and always seems to have it to her ear so she thought it would be a good idea to encode her new videos to stream directly onto the iphone or other smart phones and MP4 players. Said Sarah “If you have a goof 3G connection then there is no reason why you can’t play the films direct from the MP4 section of my web site, there is no excuse for not taking me with you now wherever you go”.

We understand you can also download to your desktop and load the file onto your phone if you want to save bandwidth. This could be the ideal thing to watch whilst waiting at the dentist. We have taken a look at the first film and the quality is absolutely great so, good luck Sarah.

We also understand that Sarah is now dishing out a lot of the spankings to the lovely ladies she finds for her site, we think this is a great idea, if anyone knows how to give and take a hard spanking it has to be Sarah. Just one thing Sarah, please do not stop bending over to take it yourself!
Have a look at the site here

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