Will my advert work?

As part of our Spanking News service we run a free contact section and, well we marvel at the optimism of some of the advertisers. Take this advert, placed no doubt by a real optimist who is probably still sitting waiting for his phone to ring:

“First thing is I cant accomodate so dont reply unless you can arrange overnight accomodation for me. Any age, sex, size considered (even couples). You will be ordered to strip and stand nose to wall with hands on head as I prepare to spank you. Otk (hand, brush & slipper) to warm up then you will feel the strap, cane and maybe crop across your bared bottom. Can tie and/or gag you if u wish to be at my mercy! No fees either way except a contribution towards my travel costs would be appreciated”.

Well, spelling and grammar apart, one of our regular lady contributors thought this was just the most amazing advert she had ever read and thanks to her for pointing it out. No accommodation so ladies you will have to sort this at your expense, told what you will have to do, surely some form of communication and exchange of ideas would be a good thing? Tie and gag and at his mercy! Not advised on a first meeting and to cap it all he wants a contribution towards his expenses.

Now, we would love to hear from anyone who thinks this is the way to word an advert so let’s look at another:

Ladies/women/girls/bottoms/subs/spankees? Which do you prefer to be called? Mature academic spanker with BDSM inclinations offers bespoke tailored pic-n-mix spanking recipe designed just for you. Unlike many Doms I am not happy unless I understand YOU and just how you want your play to be created – just for you. Role-play? Schoolgirl/student? Poor performance PA? overspending housewife? Guilt/stress relief? Mentoring? Support? Once we are sure about that I am happy to deliver. No fees either way. Try me. Talk to me. Am told I am a good listener. Top Tony”.

Much better and maybe this guy has some chance of finding that very elusive person the female spankee. So what is the lesson, pretty obvious, there is a distinct shortage of willing spankees out there so we need to cherish and to look after those who are willing and wanting, put a sensible advert, discuss the needs of your spankee, be open to her requirements, you may think you are all man and all Dom but you may never get a chance to prove this if you don’t get the basics right.

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