Niki Flynn – a dream secretary

Niki Flynn dreams of disciplineWell, I have just had the privilege of seeing a preview of the new Niki Flynn movie “Daydreams of Discipline” which has just gone onto Sound Punishment

Niki plays a secretary working for a boss that does not believe in disciplining his staff, but instead forgives them their mistakes. He is a really nice man, but not what Niki really wants in a boss for she craves discipline in her life.

She daydreams of working for a stern, disciplinarian, version of her boss and so we get to see her dreams fulfilled in full red-bottom spankorama. Niki is her usual sweet self and she acts her pants off, literally, displaying not only her great acting skills but everything else!

We really enjoyed seeing this high-quality film which is now on line on Sound Punishment. The Publishers have ebn produced an extra-long 8Mb preview of the luscious Niki in action. It can be seen here.

If any other sites would like to have their upcoming films previewed just drop us a line and we will see what we can do.

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