Strange goings on at spanking shoot (2)

An update on our story about the spanking shoot that did not want to end, or rather the girl who did not want it to come to an end. The main girl at the shoot for English Spankers was a brand new young spankee Kami, it seems that she was so shy when the shoot first started that the crew were thinking they would have to resort to spanking the make up lady, Dani, well slowly at first Kami began to take an interest in the proceedings and a story line worked out.
Once the filming started this young lady really came into her own. She was so we are told bright, cheeky and just loving every minute of it by the time it came to wrap up. That’s when the real fun started, she hid the sound guys cans, she hid the spanking tools and soon had Dani involved as well. Not being one to miss a good thing Mr. Stern started the cameras again and ended up with a real hard spanking punishment film. Have a look at the clip we managed to find. We understand the full film will be on English Spankers soon.

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