A New spanking site comes on line

Red Stripe FilmsIt’s always good to see a new spanking site come online especially when it is not a part of the usual conglomerate of huge mega sites. Featuring material from different producers and giving what they call free films RED STRIPE FILMS looks like taking the spanking scene and bringing it closer to the sexy spanking scene. This move is something that is, we think needed, not we must make clear towards sex and violence but more sex and spanking, sexy punishment, spankings after illicit sex. The web mistress at RED STRIPE has told us she has a number of films on offer from established producers who have made the films but not found it possible to feature them fearing it may distract from the mainly spanking theme of the sites. With this new site however, it is quite legitimate to carry this forward and we wish them luck. We do like the Free films idea, the clips on the site run for over 1 min each so it is nice to get something for nothing, they must be pretty confident of the members area content.
Get along and take a look at the site, new films are being added in the member’s area all the time. Do not confuse this site with others with similar names, they are nothing like this.
Just click on the viewer for a look at a clip.

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